House Yronwood

House Yronwood of Yronwood is regarded as the most powerful House in Dorne after their overlords, the Martells. The Yronwoods are an ancient family who once ruled half of Dorne with domains significantly greater than the Martells of Sunspear, ruling as Kings before the arrival of the Rhoynar and their submission to the Martells. In recognition of their past, the Lord of the House still holds the title of "The Bloodroyal".

The Yronwoods defend the Boneway, one of the few passages into Dorne, which is reflected by the title of "Warden of the Stone Way". They also have a long-standing rivalry with the nearby House Fowler.

Their sigil is a black portcullis grill over sand. Their motto or words are "We Guard the Way."

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Yronwood Edit

The ancestral seat can be found in Northern Dorne. A formidable castle, its sit at the southern end of the Boneway as a guardian against intruders. It is also located along the Sea of Dorne near a mouth of a river whose source is to the west of Skyreach.

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604 AC -

Household Edit

Lord Anders Yronwood - Father - Deceased

Lady Leana Yronwood (Uller) - Mother - Deceased

Lord Quentyn Yronwood - Born 567 AL

Harmen Yronwood - Born 568 AL

Ryon Yronwood Born 570 AL

Loreza Yronwood Born 582 AL

Petyr Manwoody - Squire - Born 587 AL

Maester Cadwyn