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King Walton II Stark is the first child of Lord Rodwell Stark and Lady Anya Stark and King in the North and a member of House Stark.

History Edit

Son of Lord Rodwell Stark and Lady Anya Stark of house Arryn. Walton was only six when the war was ended with the Iron Islands, but he remembers how hard things were then. The small folk were starving and the loss of life on both sides was high. When his father Rodwell had returned home with news of peace, Winterfell celebrated. His mother Anya and several of his fathers advisers however weren't pleased, warning that peace with the ironborn would never last.

Ever since the end of the war in 579 AL, the North had seen relative peace. He grew close to his siblings, especially his younger brother Brandon. They spent many days exploring the castle and practicing their fighting skills, boys being boys.

Being the heir, Walton spent a lot of time with his father. He was there for all the major events and was being molded to one day lead the North. He felt guilty at how Brandon always felt left out, and Walton always tried to make him feel special when they were together.

A Song Begins: Edit

During the time of King Lucerys' coronation, Walton was placed as Lord of Winterfell in his father's stead. Following the death of his father and mother at the King's feast, Walton declared the North an independent kingdom and married Anarya Harlaw.

Appearance and Character Edit

Walton Stark, born 585 AL, has a lean build with short, curly dark brown hair and grey eyes. His face is full of youthfulness.

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