House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep

House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep is a noble House of the Reach and a cadet branch of House Tyrell of Highgarden. The house was created after House Florent, the rulers of Brightwater Keep before the War of Five Kings, were stripped of lands and titles for rebelling against the Iron Throne. The castle was gifted to Garlan Tyrell, known as the Gallant, who was raised to a position of Lordship for his participation in the Battle of the Blackwater - he became the first Lord Tyrell of Brightwater Keep.

Their sigil is two golden roses on green, to denote their status as a cadet branch. Their words are unknown.

Seat Edit

Brightwater Keep

Brightwater Keep

The seat is an ancient one, originating during the reign of House Gardner. It was once ruled by House Florent until the War of Five Kings, where it was gifted to a second son of Lord Tyrell. The castle sits close to the source of the Honeywine, north of Honeyholt, east of Bandallon, and southwest of Highgarden and the Mander.

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604 AC -