House Tully is one of the great houses and are Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Their sigil is a leaping trout on a blue and red striped field. Their house words are Family, Duty, Honor.

Seat: Riverrun Edit

Riverun is situated in the western Riverlands, at the point where the Tumblestone and Red Fork rivers meet. Riverrun is north of Pinkmaiden and northwest of Acorn Hall. The castle sits along the river road, which links Lannisport and the crossroads.

Riverrun is a strong three-sided castle, although considered especially large by Westerosi standards. The castle is bordered on the north by the Tumblestone and on the south by the Red Fork, while on the west a third side faces a massive man-made ditch. In time of danger the sluice gates can be opened to fill a wide moat and leave the castle surrounded on all three sides by water, turning Riverrun into an island and leaving it practically unassailable. It commands a view of many leagues.

The castle has sandstone walls which rise sheer from the water, its battlements are crenelated and have arrow loops, and its towers command the opposite shores. Riverrun's keep is located inside. Properly garrisoned, Riverrun can hold supplies for men and horses for as long as two years; a garrison of two hundred men is larger than Riverrun requires in most circumstances.

History Edit

After ASOIAF Edit

After Aegon VI Targaryen conquered the seven kingdoms, Brynden Tully rose in rebellion against the House Frey. Supported by both the north, the vale, and a large majority of the Riverlands, the Freys surrendered and Aegon granted the Tully's both their ancestral seat of Riverrun and the position of Lord Paramount.

First Era Edit