Tommen Lannister, third of his name, is the descendant of King Tommen Lannister, second of his name. Raised in Qarth, he was taught his family’s history by his parents before they died from illness. He has no sibling, and is the only living Lannister in Essos. Though few people could claim to know him, he was respected in Qarth for securing new trade agreements with the Free Cities, Bravos, and Lys, giving him several powerful friends in Essos. Having reached what he considers the top of his reach in Essos, Tommen now has a desire to sail to Westeros and take his place as ruler of the Westerlands.


Tommen’s ultimate piece of evidence for his claim is the possession of Brightroar, the lost Valyrian Steel blade. Despite this, there are those who doubt his authenticity, calling him Tommen Hill or the False Lion. Having counted two and twenty name days, Tommen possesses a sharp mind that serves him well on the matters of business. He is trained in combat to get by, but fighting is a last resort for him. To show this, he wears no armor.


Blessed with the blonde hair and green eyes the Lannisters are known for, Tommen is remarkably handsome, able to use his charming smile to court any lady and befriend any man. He keeps his hair long enough for the bangs to hang above his eyes. Tommen stands at 5’9”. There is a long scar on his back, which he received during his sword training.


Tommen II: ancestor (deceased)

Tytos Lannister: father (deceased)

Xora Lannister (maiden name unknown): mother (deceased)