KIng Steffon

King Steffon Baratheon

Steffon "Storm" Baratheon Edit


His Great Helm

Steffons crown

King Steffons Crown


His blade "Fury"

History Edit

Steffon Storm, the bastard of the storm, was born out of wedlock to an unknown House Wensington lord thus giving him Baratheon blood. He never knew his father but lived with his mother outside of any cities or castles. He loved his dear old mother, who taught him about Baratheon conquest and heroism. He learned of Orys Baratheon, Lynoel and Stannis Baratheon. So when his old mother died when he was 10 and 5 he left his home to learn more of house Baratheon. He went to Oldtown and read books of Stannis and Orys. He read about their trials and failures, their deeds and downfalls. The more he read the more he dreamt and the more he dreamt the more he hated House Targaryen. His mother never spoke highly of them. So he learned what he learned and set off on his own to plot and scheme. His plans are his own and his thoughts are an abyss. He killed his first man at the age of twenty and served with several companies in Essos at twenty and 9. Now he's returned to Westeros after his travels and he seeks vengeance for house Baratheon... What his next plans are is unbeknownst. He owns a small cabin in the woods outside several leagues near Storms End, filled with his weapons and maps and books of history. He can make a trusted friend or a viscous enemy. He lacks any current power to do anything of note. He owns a longsword with a red Ruby in its pommel but other than that it as regular but trusty blade named "Fury." He keeps to R'hllor but in private. Steffon has his own personal sigil on his cloak and mail, with plate. It is flaming crown with antlers. Steffon with his new ally Maegor Waters, plans to find Dale Seaworth and raise an army and fleet.

Steffon is disgusted by the current lord of Storms end and privately names him Usurper. He is fluent in both common tongue and Bravosi. Steffon looks up and idolizes to many Baratheon figures such as Orys and mainly Stannis Baratheon. In Pentos he declared himself King Of Southern Westeros , as well as naming Dale Seaworth his hand.

A shameful personal secret of Steffon is that he has never laid with another women nor has he courted one and is utterly confused when it comes to women. No swords he swings, only flirt and love. Things he doesn't know how to do.

Appearance and Character Edit

He is a tall, strong and stout man of thirty-four. He has receding black hair, short, trimmed beard and blue eyes with a comely face but isn't as handsome as others. He is 6'2.

Family​ Edit

Unknown Wensington Minor Lord, Father - Deceased (Direct Baratheon descendant unknown to Steffon.)

Cassana, Mother - Deceased (Descendant of an inn keep named Bella.)

Parentage: Unknown to him, Steffon's father is actually descendants of Edric Storm. His parents left a Guadiana to watch over Steffon, to see him mature and grow until telling him the truth.

His ragtag crew, known as the Baratheon Brotherhood. Edit

Ralf, an old man of fifty, died from a fever.

Falstaff, a fool aboard his vessel

10 row-men

4 poorly armed men named Corrik, Morrik, Borrick and Lorrick. Dim witted and brothers.