Serra Tyrell is the latest child and first born daughter to Lord Garth Tyrell and Lady Myranda Rowan.

Characteristics Edit


Serra is traditionally beautiful, with the usual brown Tyrell eyes and long brown hair. She has a thin yet shapely frame, and often wears darker dresses, usually embroidered with roses, and generally beautiful, outgoing designs. She has full lips and freckles along the bridge of her nose and under her eyes. She is intellegent, for as much time as she’s spent in the libraries of Highgarden, and possesses a unique charm about her.

History Edit

Serra Tyrell is the first born daughter and last child of Lord Paramount Garth Tyrell. Being his first daughter, Serra was quickly groomed for womanhood from a young age, whilst her three brothers, Garlan, Mace, and Dake were groomed to be swordsman. Being the youngest born at the age of thirteen, she is often in the shadow of her brothers, but her brothers were rather accepting of her, and her eldest brother, Garlan, even helped her read when she was young.

She does not have a lack of female friends within Highgarden, either.. She is friendly with her handmaidens, and has a lady-in-waiting, Lady Cedra Graceford, whom she grew up with. The two have been friends since an early age, and continue to be friends to this day. Her relationship with her mother is a happy and Serra continues to enjoy her time with her mother to this day.


Having not been out of Highgarden, Serra is anxious at best to see the world outside of the reach, though, as her father has began to consider betrothals, Serra does not wish to marry, though, being feircely prideful towards his family and daughter in general, her father has acknowledged her wishes and has tried to postpone an inevitable betrothal, trying for a higher lord who should wish to marry her.

Recently Edit

When the King called his vassals to King's Landing to attend his coronation feast, Serra was amongst the Tyrell party that attended the feast. After the feast, the crown prince, Viserys Targaryen attempted to rape Serra, though failed after she bit him and a timely intervention from Sarelle Lannister and her brother Garlan.

During her short stay in King's Landing, Serra fell into friendships with Elena Arazni and was gifted a poisonous thimble from her to help deter potential attackers.


Family/Household Edit

  • Her Father, Lord Garth Tyrell, 56 years of age, surprisingly well built.
  • Her Mother, Myranda Rowan, 47 years of age,
  • Her Eldest Brother, Ser Garlan, 24, wields the Valyrian Steel blade Red Rose
  • Her Second Eldest Brother, Mace, 21
  • Her Third Eldest Brother, Dake, 17
  • Her Lady-in-Waiting, Lady Cedra Graceford, a year older than Serra.