Sarelle Lannister is the mid daughter of Martyn Lannister. She was made to marry Endrew Tarly at 20 years of age, but has yet to have any children by him seven years later. No one at Casterly Rock dares to speculate, and her husband is afraid to mention it. Sarelle is Tybolt Lannister's sister. The two share an intimate friendship.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Earlier in her youth, Sarelle was the paramount beauty of her generation, defined by her two mismatched eyes - one blue, one green - her bright golden trusses, her heart-shaped face, and the swell of her bosom. Though on the tail end of her prime, a waning beauty, it would take another decade for anyone to reconsider the extent of her good looks.

Sarelle is passionate, mercurial, and stern. Others might say stubborn, with a dark and unforgiving side. She is domineering over her husband, Endrew Tarly, so much so that she commands him to stay with her at Casterly Rock.


Sarelle's mismatched eyes were her bane during her childhood. Evil. Witch. Other. The other children's words fostered hate and resentment within Sarelle. For every cruel jape, she schemed crueler tricks in return. No accuser went unpunished, her younger sister, Dorna, included. If things got too chaotic, her eldest brother, Tybolt, was her sanctuary. Tybolt did not seem to mind her presence, and sometimes helped her with her petty schemes.

When Sarelle evolved into a remarkably beautiful woman, she claimed rulership over Casterly Rock's courtiers. She abused her stunning good looks in rampant fashion, and ruined the lives of those who tormented her as a child. Humiliation, exile, banishment. Her hunger devoured her opponents as quick as they came. Peons in her game. As such, she was rarely refused her wishes. On one rare occasion, she was made to marry Endrew Tarly by her father. But even then, Sarelle twisted a seemingly unfortunate turn of events in her favour. She kept her Lannister name, and commanded Endrew to live at Casterly Rock as was her desire.

Sarelle emerged from the Casterly Rock scheming circle to join her brother as his closest adviser, two years before their father's death. Tybolt had been assuming their ill father's duties, and Sarelle wanted nothing more but to help her brother in that pursuit.

Recent EventsEdit

604 ACEdit

Tybolt assumed lordship over Casterly Rock and the Westerlands as Warden of the West after his father passed away. Sarelle, though stricken with grief, was elevated in kind.


  • Her father, Lord Martyn Lannister, deceased
  • Her mother, Lady Marla Lannister
  • Her brother, Addam Lannister, deceased
  • Her sister, Sansa Bolton
  • Her sister, Martesse Lannister
  • Her husband, Endrew Tarly