Ronnel ArrynEdit

Ronnel Arryn is Lord Paramount of the Vale and Lord of the Gates of the Moon and the Eyrie.



Ronnel of House Arryn and son of the now deceased Lord Artys Arryn and Lady Tarysa Arryn, born Donniger. The young Ronnel is now Lord Paramount of the Vale. A boy of seventeen namedays, Ronnel Arryn has matured into an intelligent young man carrying on the family tradition of intrigue. He received some martial education though only in the airy fighting style of those who call the mountains of the Vale home. His best skill is with a bow or a dagger. His swordsmanship has much left to be desired. He once challenged a wandering hedge knight, and while he held his own with his agility, this bout ended like most, Ronnel on his back, the sword of his opponent pointed at his throat.

The court suited Ronnel much more. He often eavesdropped on his father's council meetings. When his father found out, he brought Ronnel into the council room to officially watch. From their loft atop the Giant's Lance, the Arryns have watched as the politics of Westeros unfolded from the safety of the Eyrie. Weaving webs of intrigue as conflicts brew on the ground below. The tradition comes from the family's famed matriarch from many years ago. Lady Sansa the Webweaver.

Called the "Fledgling" by many in the Vale, young Ronnel has been tossed into the Lord Paramountship as a fledgling falcon is tossed into flying. Court intrigue in his blood from Sansa the Webweaver, though he is still young with much to learn. Despite the days of the last Arryn passed, his family's future now seems precarious yet again ad the mantle of leadership and the fate of the purest Andal bloodline falls upon young Ronnel. His uncle, Jon, left several years ago for Essos, and his ship was lost at sea and he wan't heard from since. His great uncle, Eon, is a maester in Oldtown, he is hidden behind so many stacks of books few remember he exists. His aunt, Anya, was murdered with her husband Rodwell Stark at the feast celebrating the coronation of King Lucerys. His mother died five years past after venturing out in a snowstorm, her cold body found the next morning, covered in newfallen snow. His father, Lord Artys, had been depressed since that event, even more so after the sudden death of his close friend Prince Olyvar Martell. His father took his own life, he gave Ronnel one last mournfull look one late night, before a tear slid of of his face and he stepped through the Moon Door, plummeting like a falcon without its feathers. The Fledgling must now take flight.

Appearance and Character Edit

Chestnut brown of hair and with deep brown eyes. Thoughts are always brewing behind his eyes. A tall boy often accused of having his head in the clouds both figuratively and literally. Despite his young age he looks weathered from the hardship of recent times. The loss of numerous family members including both of his parents has weighed heavily upon him. He has to act as guardian for his four siblings as the eldest among them. Now he guard not just his small family but a kingdom. Stress on Ronnel often keeps up and even at night he can be seen pacing around the castle. Dark circles form under his eyes and his hair is out of order on numerous occasions as well because of this. He indulges in books and any information he can get his hands on, always trying to keep on top of the events of Westeros and now he will have to put that knowledge to use. He once told his father that knowledge is power, his father told him that power is power, Ronnel Arryn now has both.

Family Edit

  • Lord Artys Arryn, Father - 51 / Deceased
  • Tarysa Arryn born Donniger, Mother- 47 / Deceased
  • Ronnel Arryn-17
  • Aemma Arryn , Sister - 16
  • Elene Arryn, Sister - 14
  • Jon Arryn, Brother - 12
  • Anya Stark born Arryn, Aunt - 50 / Deceased
  • Jon Arryn, Uncle - 46 / Presumed Dead
  • Eon Arryn, Great Uncle - 74
  • Jasper Arryn of Gulltown, Cousin - 26
  • Triston Arryn of Gulltown, Cousin - 23