Rodwell Stark == Lord Rodwell Stark, Lord Paramount of the North and Lord of Winterfell; son of Walton and Myriah Stark(Dayne) and a member of House Stark.

History Edit

Lord Rodwell Stark ruled as Lord Paramount from his seat in Winterfell. He was groomed for his position by his father since an early age and inherited his lordship in 589 AC when his father died from the shaking sickness, being weakened by old age. People have said his mother died shortly thereafter from a broken heart.

Rodwell has worked hard at bringing the northern houses together, walking in the footsteps of his father. The late Lord Walton Stark even went as far as bringing Cedrik Bolton in as a ward and raising him with his family until Cedrik was eight and ten. This move was made to bring the Stark and Bolton families closer after years of animosity and fighting between the two houses as they vied for the top position of the north.

Rodwell Stark was a member of a plot trying to overthrow King Aemond I Targaryen along with his brother-in-law, Artys Arryn, Tybolt Lannister, and Beron Harlaw.

A Song Begins: Edit

Upon the death of King Aemond, Rodwell was optimistic. He had high hopes for peace under the new king and planned on supporting his reign. He and his family, with the exception of Walton who was left as acting Lord of Winterfell, traveled to King's Landing for the coronation and feast for King Lucerys I Targaryen. Rodwell planned to marry his daughter, Bethany, to Lucerys' son, Prince Gaemon. Rodwell, while invited by the still vengeful Tybolt Lannister to join a plot to overthrow the new king, maintained his support for the Taragryens and ensure the support of the Arryns, led by his nephew Ronnel, as well. Rodwell Stark and his wife were poisoned at the coronation feast of King Lucerys Targaryen in the year 604 AC with Lannister involvement later suspected. The Northern lords quickly fled the capital, and in the North, at his marriage to Anarya Harlaw, Walton Stark declared himself King in the North.

Appearance and Character Edit

Rodwell Stark, born 557AC, lean with a long face, shoulder length dark brown hair and grey eyes that is found often in his family line. His face holds a medium beard and rough lines lay below his eyes, caused from stress and worry for the people of the north during his leadership.

Being a mature and seasoned leader, Rodwell Stark is known for being careful and deliberate in making decisions. He believes in a strong and united North, spending a lot of his time working with his vassals to improve the conditions of their lands. His father instilled in him the traits of honor and leadership as well as requiring loyalty and respect from his vassals. He is a devout believer in the old gods, just as his fathers before him. When not managing the north or spending time hunting in the wolfswood with his sons, he is often found in the godswood reflecting. He also enjoys spending time in the glass garden of Winterfell, growing vegetables and fruit trees, even during the heart of winter.

Family Edit

  • Walton Stark, Father - Deceased
  • Myriah Stark(Dayne) - Deceased
  • Rodwell Stark - 47 / Deceased
  • Anya Stark(Arryn), Wife - 46 / Deceased
  • Walton Stark , Son - 19
  • Brandon Stark, Son - 17
  • Alyce Bolton(Stark), Daughter - 16
  • Bethany Stark, Daughter - 6