Born 574AC in the North Rickard Snow is the bastard son of Harron Karstark, the Lord of Karhold.


Early Life: Edit

RIckard was born to Alisa, a tavern worker in the North.  Rickard was not aware of who his father was until he was twelve years old.  Upon discovering who his father was Rickard found his way into Karhold before being captured by guards.  He was brought before his father and RIckard explained that he was his son and that he just wanted to properly meet his father.  Lord Harron did not want anything to do with Rickard so he ordered the guards to bring him to the dungeon.

Before Rickard was taken a knight from the Stromlands named Ser Rodrick Herston, who was meeting with Lord Harron at the time, spoke up.  He said he would take young Rickard as his squire because he felt that "It would be a waste of Karstark blood to keep him in the dungeon".  Ser Rodrick trained Rickard for ten years and Rickard became a master swordsman.  

One year when returning from a hunt RIckard and Ser Rodrick were attacked by bandits.  Rickard was struck in the neck and he fell.  He was forced to watch as Ser Rodrick was killed and robbed.  Rickard was left for dead, but was found by a farmer who brought him to a town for help.  As Rickard was healing he began to read his familes history.  When he read of Lord RIckard Karstark and how he disobeyed Robb Stark, Rickard decided that he needed to avenge his family name by swearing allegiance to Rodwell Stark .

A Song Begins: Edit

Rickard attends the coronation of King Lucerys Targaryen as part of Lord Stark's guard. Rodwell Stark and his wife are poisoned and Rickard along with the rest of house Stark are put onto a ship to return to Winterfell.


Rickard is 6'2" tall and a very sturdy man.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.  He has a short but well trimmed beard.  He has lighter skin but is not pale.  He also has a medium sized scar on the left side of his neck from being attacked by bandits.


Father - Harron Karstark

Mother - Alisa (deceased)

Brother- Cregan Karstark

Sister- Aria Karstark

Sister- Victaria Karstark