Titles Edit

Lord of Castle Yronwood

The BloodRoyal

Warden of the Stone Way

Appearance Edit

Quentyn was born in 567 AL. He is strong and large with broad shoulders and back. He is a stout man with large arms and legs from living in the Red Mountains. His skin is light with eyes of blue and short dark blond hair.

He adorns himself with green and blue silk and satin robes and light armor enameled with burnished copper. This wear allows for quick combat upon a swift Dornish sand steed. During battle he wields a double curved bow and a Dornish spear.

History Edit

Quentyn Yronwood was born first son to Lord Anders Yronwood and Lady Leana Yronwood (From House Uller). He has two younger brothers, Harmen and Ryon Yronwood and one younger sister, Loreza Yronwood.

He grew up in the harsh environment of the Red Mountains of Dorne. It is hot, mountainous and rocky at Castle Yronwood. The formidable castle sits at the southern end of the Boneway and guards against intruders. It is located along the Sea of Dorne near the mouth of a river.

His father taught him to be a formidable fighter on horseback, using the quick speed of his sand steed accompanied with his expert marksmanship with his double curved bow. During close hand to hand combat he uses the strength of his large arms and a Dornish spear.

Growing up in the Red Mountains as an Yronwood has made him tough and strong, and proud of his family's heritage of being an ancient family that once rules half of Dorne. He still sports the title of “the BloodRoyal” due to this, as is the tradition of the Lord of Yronwood.

His sexuality is very lenient compared to most of the rest of Westeros, keeping several paramours and being attracted to both sex as is common among the Dornish.

He can be known to be hard headed and sometimes even hot blooded, not allowing disrespect of any kind and not believing he should be ruled by anyone. His family has a strong animosity toward Fowler that stems from when they turned against House Yronwood, and this rivalry still exists today.

Even though he believes that he should have no overlord, he is loyal to House Martell for the most part. He has no strong loyalties to the Iron Throne and can really care less about who sits upon it. His concern is to himself, his lands, and his people.