House Oakheart

House Oakheart of Old Oak is an old and powerful family from the seat of Old Oak in the Reach, who can trace their descent from Garth Greenhand, the first King of the Reach - a subject that has been a sore subject among the Tyrells, who have always been wary of Houses such of Florent and Oakheart in the case of contest for the Lord Paramount spot.

As part of the long-standing rivarly between the Reach and Dorne, Oakhearts have fought Dornishmen extensively. The males of the House have also had a history of serving in the Kingsguard.

Their sigil is a three green oak leaves on gold. Their words are "Our Roots Do Deep."

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The seat of House Oakheart is located in the western half of the Reach, close to the border of the Westerlands and the Searoad. The Ocean Road begins at Old Oak and winds to Highgarden.

Amongst Old Oak's possessions are tapestries depicting the conflict between Dorne and the Reach.

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604 AC -