Mina Redwyne Edit

Mina Redwyne is the only child of Stafford Redwyne and Bethany Redwyne (born Rowan) and Heiress to the Arbor.

History Edit

Mina Redwyne was brought into the world at the very instance her mother was taken out. Her mother, having died in childbirth, let Mina to be a 'daddy's girl.' She had a fair childhood, one of lesser adventures as she climbed trees and played in the rows upon rows of grapes that grew on the island.

At the age of nine, however, Mina was to start working with tutors to be taught more finer arts of being a lady, as well as the ability to keep books. Her father had informed her around this time, she was to be heiress to the winery, the island, and to the naval ships that were supplied to the Tyrell's navy of the Reach. Soon, Mina found herself visiting Highgarden often, and spending time with the young Garlan Tyrell and eventually developing love for him over the years.

As she grew into womanhood, she was permitted to pick her husband rather than have an arranged marriage. At the age of twenty and one, she is still unwed, but still prospectively looking for a spouse. After having many suitors, she has refused all, as she plans to marry for gain than only love. Currently, she has her attention turned to Garlan Tyrell.

Mina attended the coronation feast for King Lucerys, during which she accepted a betrothal to Dareon Hightower. While in King's Landing, her father became gravely ill forcing Mina to break her betrothal with Dareon. Dareon returns to Oldtown and declares and embargo against the Arbor, though in his depression, he leaps from the Hightower, killing himself. His friend Clement Vrywel seizes the city starting strife in the Reach. Mina hopes to use Tyrell aid to remove the embargo, and in the midst of speaking with Garlan they kiss. Mina later seeks out Lysene merchant Elena Arazni and loses her virginity to one of Arazni's "employees". Mina returns to the Reach with the Tyrells and at Bitterbridge she gives herself over to Garlan Tyrell and they consummate their budding love. This is ended quickly when Garlan confesses he will be marrying Princess Daenys Targaryen and he casts Mina aside. Mina nearly jumps from the walls of Highgarden in her despair, just as her old love Dareon had done earlier in Oldtown, whose death she feels tremendous guilt for. Mina is talked down by Serra Tyrell. Mina later receives a letter from Ronnel Arryn, Lord Paramount of the Vale, asking for her hand in marriage.

Appearance and Character Edit

She is considered the Beauty of the Reach. With her father's red hair and her mother's fair skin and soft features, its no wonder men seem to flock to her and ask for her hand, in which to most she has refused.

Despite being spoiled by her father, she is quite humble. She doesn't ask for much as she knows the value of what it might cost from her lessons with numbers. Mina is sweet tempered and not easily angered, but when crossed might be more the type to 'get even' than getting angry. Even as a sweet-natured woman, she has the ability to be knifing and harsh when the situation arises. She is very understanding, and does well to try to understand the problems others face. Mina is very compassionate toward others and is willing to help those she's close to in any way she can.

Family Edit

Stafford Redwyne, Father

Bethany Redwyne (Rowan) - Deceased

Denys "Flowers" Goldwyne, Half-Brother