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Martesse Amarei Lannister is the youngest between the Lannister Siblings(Sarelle Lanister and Tybolt Lannister). She was never close to any of her family members, preffering to be left alone in her room painting or in the outdoors. When her brother 

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Martesse is known for her deep green eyes and her plump redish-pink lips. She has always been pale, and when spending time in the sun, instead of getting tan, she'd get extremely red, and eventually she got freckles splattered across her cheeks. Because of her freckles she started to cover her face more when out in the sun. Her hair is blonde(a light blonde), extremely long and wavy/curly that reaches past her waist line. Martesse is tall, meaning she has long legs and arms. Her body is slim but she is quite full on her bottom.

Martesse is a pretty self centered and introverted person. She may seem to have genuine feelings for some one but that is usually just an act. She has only ever cared for nieces and nephews after spending so much time with them. Martesse treats the three as if they were her own children. Aside from that, she has a very artistic side, she's extremely creative... and that some times may not be so good, especially to those who get in her way.


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Martesse spending her time painting.

Martesse was born into house Lannister as the youngest daughter. As a child she was free to do what she wanted to since she wasn't weighted with the responsibilities of becoming the next Lady/Lord of Casterly. And with that her adventurous and artistic side was born. Martesse often did crazy things with herself, like once she cut bits of her hair off with a kitchen knife, making everything un-leveled, uneven. A common spot to find her in was her room, her rooms walls were always filled with different drawings and paintings, and eventually she became really good at it.

When she hit 13, Martesse became somewhat of an introvert, hiding away in her room, while her brother and sister were showered with people. She never got much attention from other boys when she was younger, especially because her sister was the center of attention when it came to males. As a kid she was a skinny little thing, and wasn't as pretty as Sarelle, she sometimes envied her. But as the time passed, Martesse's body went maturing, she grew taller, more beautiful, and elegant. She began to show up more, and that's when she started feeling confident, she received quite a lot of attention and compliments. But as she started surrounding herself with these people and staying inside, she started missing her adventures, walking in the mud, getting dirty. Every time some one that lived out of the Westerlands visited, she'd crowd around them and bombard them questions, Martesse started getting curious with the world outside of the Westerlands. That's when she decided she'd visit all of the seven kingdoms. Martesse has been planning it all ever since she set her mind to it, but with her brothers depression, and her older sister no where around to help, she has to take control until Tybolts first born is ready to take the seat.

Recent EventsEdit

604 ACEdit

Tybolt became Lord of House Lannister and Warden of the West. It wasn't even months, and he fell into a state of depression and he coped himself away. Martesse was announced regent until Tybolts oldest came of age.


  • Her father, Lord Martyn Lannister, deceased
  • Her mother, Lady Marla Lannister
  • Her sister, Sarelle Lannister
  • Her brother, Tybolt Lannister
  • Her niece, Selia Lannister
  • Her youngest niece, Joanna Lannister
  • Her nephew, Gerion Lannister