House Targaryen is a royal house descended from the blood of old Valyria. They lived on the isle of Dragonstone for centuries until Aegon the Conquerer formed the Seven Kingdoms into a single realm. Since 300 AL, the Targaryens have resumed ruling the realm through a rather peaceful three-hundred years, with little rebellions.

History Edit

House Targaryen

First Era Edit

Aegon VI Targaryen conquered Westeros with the help of the Golden Company, House Tyrell , and House Martell. When Daenerys Targaryen came over from Essos, she married the new king and the two ruled together with her taking the name Daenerys I Targaryen.

Second Era Edit

The Second Era began with what was known as the Second Aegon's Conquest or Aegon VI and Daenerys I's conquest of Westeros. 300 years after the first Aegon's Conquest, a Second Era was heralded. The return of the dragons with Daenerys meant a long era of peace in Westeros.

Third Era Edit

The Third Era began in 600 AC, 600 years after the conquests of Aegon I, and 300 years after the conquest of Aegon VI and Daenerys I. This era began near the end of the reign of Aemond I Targaryen. The beginning of this era began with what was known as the last flight of King Aemond. Aemond flew on the dragon Vermithor, this would be the last time Vermithor flew and the last time a King flew on a dragon.

604 AC Edit

604 AC will be known as a year of great transition. This year brings the death of several Lord Paramounts and the death of King Aemond as well. Towards the beginning of the year. Prince Olyvar Martell dies a sudden death when his health takes a turn for the worst. over 6 months later, just as King Aemond draws his last breaths, Lord Paramount Artys Arryn steps through the Moon Door in an apparent suicide. Lords and Ladies across Westeros travel to King's Landing for the Coronation of King Lucerys I Targaryen. A feast for the Westerosi nobility follows after and while at first a rousing night, terror strikes when Lord Paramount Rodwell Stark and his wife Lady Anya Stark are poisoned. The Northern Lords flee the city shortly. Prince Baelon Targaryen, having escaped his room, leads a revolt and he proclaims himself Baelor "the Blessed" reborn. The riot causes small arson damage to the Great Sept of Baelor. The riot then makes way for the Dragonpit where Baelon hopes to ride Vermithor. The Gold Cloaks put down this riot and Baelon is imprisoned. Baelon is later smuggled to Dragonstone by his nephew. After an assault on Serra Tyrell during the night, Viserys Targaryen is stripped of his title as heir though he retains Dragonstone. Prince Gaemon Targaryen becomes the new heir, and following the resignation of Edric Connington as Hand of the King, Garth Tyrell is appointed. In addition, a future marriage between Princess Daenys and Garlan Tyrell is arranged.

In the North, Walton Stark secedes from the Iron Throne and he declares himself King in the North. Another king lands at Duskendale. This man, Steffon Storm, claims the descent from House Baratheon. Leading an army of mostly smallfolk, Steffon is defeated by Lucerys outside of Rosby at the Battle in the Mud. Lucerys chases what remains of the army though Steffon leads a second army composed of Essosi sellswords to King's Landing. Steffon manages to break through the walls and take the city, though the Red Keep and Maegor's Holdfast remain uncaptured. In the midst of the siege, Queen Aelyx Targaryen goes into labor.

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Succession of the Targaryen Kings through the Second Era Edit

  • Aegon VI (300 AC - 351 AC) and Daenerys I (300 AC - 362 AC) "the Reconquerers"
  • Rhaegar I (362 AC - 367 AC)
  • Jaehaerys III (367 AC - 392 AC)
  • Baelor II (392 AC - 400 AC)
  • Aemon I (401 AC - 412 AC)
  • Valarr I (412 AC - 427 AC) "the Valorous"
  • Matarys I (427 AC - 441 AC)
  • Viserys III (441 AC - 458 AC)
  • Baelor III (458 AC - 567 AC)
  • Daeron III (467 AC - 500 AC) "the Old Dragon"
  • Daena I (500 AC - 510 AC) "the Defiant"
  • Aegon VII (510 AC - 559 AC) "the Lucky"
  • Maelor I (559 AC - 565 AC) "the Elder"
  • Maelor II (565 AC - 571 AC) "the Younger"
  • Aemond I (571 AC - 604 AC)
  • Lucerys I (604 AC - Present)