House Hightown

House Hightower of Hightower is one of the most powerful and important vassals of House Tyrell. The family is very old, supposedly existing since the dawn of days where they were petty kings. During the coming of the Andals and the creation of the Kingdom of the Reach, the Hightowers allied with the newcomers. Thus they were able to keep their prestigious wealth (which rivals both Lannister and Tyrell's incomes), lands and privileges.

From the Hightower, they rule over the largest city of Westeros; Oldtown within the Reach. They have been integral in the history of the realm, having long-standing ties with the royal dynasty of Targaryens.

Their sigil is a stone white watchtower, with a blazing fire atop, upon a field of grey. Their words are "We Light the Way."

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The Hightower is a castle and lighthouse looking over the port of Oldtown. It lies on Battle Island, a small isle which sits where the Honeywine widens and empties into Whispering Sound. The massive stepped tower has a beacon on top to guide ships into safe harbour.

The structure is the tallest known building in the Seven Kingdoms and is rumoured to be older than Oldtown itself, with the city being bult around it.

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