Garth Tyrell is the current Warden of the South and Hand of the King under Lucerys Targaryen. He is 56 years old.

Characteristics Edit


Garth is a generally comely man, surprisingly well composed for his age. He has short chestnut hair that is beginning to gray. He is smart and dedicated to his family, putting his sons and daughter before any other loyalties he might have. He is not ambitious, but he has a considerable wit.

History Edit

Garth Tyrell was born the first son of the previous lord Tyrell, thus being the first in line to take over his father's seat. While Garth had several sisters, the only woman he got attached to was Lady Myranda Rowan, whom he married at the age of thirty, having their first child when he was only thirty-two, a surprisingly high age. They had three children after that, Mace, Dake, and finally Serra, their first daughter and likely last child.

Recently Edit

Garth led the Tyrell party to King's Landing after the summoning from Lucerys Targaryen. Garth was stern and vicious with the king after the princes attempted rape of her daughter, though after hearing that Gaemon was in in line for the throne instead of Viserys, Garth accepted the Handship that Lucerys had offered him.