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Ser Garlan Tyrell is the firstborn son of Lord Garth Tyrell and Lady Myranda Rowan. He is currently serving as Lord of Highgarden in his father's stead. He is often considered one of the best swordsman in the realm, along with his Master At Arms, Ser Lyn.

History Edit

Raised as the eldest son in one of the most powerful families in Westeros, Garlan has lived a privileged life and was groomed since birth to one day become the Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South and eventually ruler of the entire Reach. Intense tutelage by Maesters, Master-at-Arms and Garlan’s father Lord Garth has resulted in an extremely well rounded man in the prime of his life. At four and twenty, Ser Garlan is prone to smiles and smirks, always keeping an air of comfort and amiability around his family and close companions. Garlan’s younger brother Mace and lowborn knight by the name of Ser Lyn have been his closest and most trusted friends since childhood. He’s always shared a competitive relationship with his younger brothers while remaining helpful and even paternal towards them at times. From the moment she was born, Garlan has been fiercely protective of his younger sister Serra. When they were children it was he who taught her to read, not the Maesters. Despite an eleven year age gap, Garlan confides in his sister before anyone else and treats her as an equal rather than a child.

Garlan is fully aware of his high status and privilege as a noble and thus goes to great lengths to reach out to the lowborn, making him a hit among the common people. He’s just as comfortable riding in an exclusive tourney as he is sitting at a tavern in a no-named town trying to meet the villagers. While his open attitude towards the peasantry can sometimes earn him the animosity of more haughty nobility, Garlan tries to embody the idea chivalry that is so common in the Reach and set an example for others through his actions. Defend the weak, love your family.

Garlan’s natural ability as a swordsman coupled with a lifetime of training has made him a formidable fighter. His weapon of choice is Red Rose, a Valyrian steel longsword with crimson ripples in the metal given to his family after the conclusion of the Song of Ice and Fire. However the blade went by another name in the past; Widow’s Wail once hung at the hip of King Joffrey Baratheon. Now Red Rose is a massive point of pride for Garlan and with the proper skills to wield the weapon, Garlan can often times become cocky about his prowess in combat. With two brothers to inherent after him, some have openly wondered why the young knight hasn’t been appointed to the Kingsguard. It remains a touchy talking point for Garlan he often avoids.

Appearance Edit

Like so many of his ancestors before him, Garlan has been gifted with the classic comely Tyrell features. Sporting short wavy chestnut hair, deep brown eyes to match, and a strong jaw, Garlan is conventionally attractive in a natural sense. At six foot two he carries himself with an air of nobility, never a man to slouch or drag his feet. Years of training in plate armor and swordplay have left him with more solid than lithe build that says he might rely on raw strength rather than agility in combat.