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History Edit

Born the first male child in the matrimony of Lord Randyll and Lady Olenna Oakheart, Edmund would be raised to one day become the Lord of his family’s ancestral seat, Old Oak, and the belonging fiefs. However, not everything planned for Edmund’s upbringing had come to fruition. The young heir was only in his third year when his father was tricked by the gods; the honorable Lord Randyll, still in his prime, was touched by madness, rendering him incompetent to continue performing his duties. The governing of the household, and all the responsibilities coming with his title, fell onto his wife’s shoulders. With one child already around, and the second on the way, along with taking all her husband’s duties onto herself, Lady Olenna had to make the best out of the situation. She knew it well that her son needed someone to learn the ways of lordship from, a man to look up to and respect, and she couldn’t think of a better choice than her brother, Lord Garth Tyrell.

And so it happened that upon turning six, the young Edmund was sent as ward to Highgarden to be fostered by the Tyrells. Early on he was very shy and quiet around his relatives, although never ceasing to keep his ears open and listen, for he knew that he was there to learn. If it wasn’t for Lord Garth’s eldest son, Garlan, he would have become a loner for life. Many in Highgarden whispered about his father’s disease and that once it would strike the young Oakheart as well, but his cousin didn’t seem interested in the gossips keeping most of the kids away from Edmund, and the two soon found a common tone. They eventually became close friends, causing trouble and attending their lessons as kids together, often sparring and brawling against each other to hone their martial skills. While Garlan was the pure knight material out of the two cousins, Edmund developed his skills in tactics, in combat he always relied more on his wits and agility than strength, and didn’t stick to the knightly values and the Faith of the Seven too much, but at the same age both of them were knighted after proving their worth ridding a village of an infamous bandit group’s occupation.

He was seventeen when he returned home as a grown man, ready to take on the duties of a noble lord, while the one who should bear them was still breathing the air of the castle. The heir would look down upon his father in disgust, not feeling the slightest of pity, but the hatred that he received as a child because of him. The only one he ever revered as a son should his father, was Lord Garth, and to him and his family, their family, Edmund owed all his loyalty. The same year he returned to Old Oak, he married the young woman his mother and Lord Tyrell had chosen for him without voicing a single complaint. He dutifully took over the tasks and responsibilities of governing the household and the fiefs as the de facto lord of Old Oak, the self-developed instinct of not becoming what he had dreaded the most driving him. 

After fathering his first daughter, Edmund vowed to himself that he would be a good father, raise his children together with his wife, and give his family the love and care he never got from his own father. It came as a great relief to him when entered his prime and no signs of the mental disease had shown, letting him carry on with his life as he deemed right, without angst. 

Appearance and Character Edit

Standing at 5’11” in height, Edmund is a healthy man at the age of four and twenty, sporting a lean and athletic form, perhaps less stoic than that of most knights, befitting a common a sellsword rather. Bearing the classic Oakheart and Tyrell features, he is definitely not hard on the eyes, and it’s probably his often cold, demanding gaze that makes him less popular amongst womenfolk. He keeps his hair cut short and his face clean-shaven, sometimes leaving a short stubble. He is mostly seen wearing lighter leathers or chainmail, and only rarely his plate armor, but the three leaves of the Oakhearts are always present on his attire.  

Family Edit

Lord Randyll Oakheart - father, 43

Lady Olenna Oakheart (neé Tyrell) - mother, 41

Jared Oakheart - brother, 21

Meredyth Oakheart (neé Caswell) - wife, 21

Arwyn Oakheart - daughter, 6

Elyn Oakheart - daughter, 4