DrinkBowl 1 Edit

DrinkBowl 1 was a drinking event in Kings Landing in the year 604 AC. Steffon Storm, Dareon Hightower, Edwyn Frey and Brynden Blackwood had a drinking competition that ended bitterly when a drunk Lord Frey called Steffon Storm a bastard.

DrinkBowl 2 Edit

DrinkBowl 2 was a second drinking event at the coronation feast in Kings Landing 604 AC. It involved Dareon Hightower( Briefly) Brynden Blackwood (Briefly), Steffon Storm and Edwyn Frey. During DrinkBowl 2 Dareon Hightower broke his marriage pact with with Brynden Blackwood, resulting in them leaving the Bowl and a small fight occurred. While they fought, Steffon Storm and Edwyn Frey drank and bet on who would win. DrinkBowl 2 ended when Edwyn Frey and Steffon Storm made amends and made a small friendship.