Name: Cerenna Vallaria Rhaenya Madreen Celtigar
Home: Claw Isle
Culture: Andal
Titles: Lady of The Claw
Allegiance: House Celtigar
House Targaryen
Family: Calhoun Celtiger - father
Ambrean Celtiger - mother
Rhaenya Cletigar - grandmother
Caspian Celtiger - grandfather

Biography Edit


In her sixteenth year, her eldest brother, and heir to the Celtigar seat, appeared to have been stricken from an unknown heart condition. The next year her parents hastily married her to her much older cousin Celton Celtigar. The year after she gave birth to a beautiful set of fair haired twin boys. This was also the year, her second eldest brother, and new heir to the Celtigar seat, passed away from what appeared to be bleeding of the brain. With the closest living male being Celton Celtigar, he became the heir to the Celtigar seat. After a couple years she had given birth to a couple more children, all female. In Cerenna's thirtieth year her father passed away from seemingly old age, and Celton became Lord Celtigar of Claw Isle. The year after, her mother passed away from a broken heart. The day before her thirty fith birthday, her husband and Lord, passed away from a snake bite, while on a hunt. Cerenna would then normally become Lady Regent, with her eldest son taking her place on his eighteenth birthday as head of the family. Until she found a bylaw hidden away in one of the many old books on family tradition, the Celtigars' posses. This old hidden away bylaw states that in a situation much like hers, she is in fact able to hold on to the seat and titles, for as long as she wishes.

The by chance eldest living child, and most prized daughter of Lord Calhoun Celtigar, and Lady Ambrean Celtigar (Née Velaryon of Driftmark). Now the widow of her late husband, Celton Celtigar.

Cerenna is an avid rider, though as a Lady of her standing, possess no thoroughly-developed personal combat skills. She is accomplished in her drawing skill, as well as her highly refined gown designing. Though none of those would overshadow her love of plants, and their herbological uses. Still more so, she is enamored by the kingdoms political goings ons.

As a mother she is more often then not, aloof and rather cold. The children have though always been taken very well care of by their Tutors, Nannies, and personal peer Companions though. She has always been quote strict with education though. She believes knowledge and being well taught, are very important things for social-political advancement, and standing.


Cerenna is an intelligent, political savvy, though shrewd woman. She is a very ambitious and manipulative woman, who's mind has been strangely warped and demented. She is a physically beautiful but morally repulsive woman, who fiercely cares only for her self, and sometimes what would appear to be for her children.


She stands tall and elegant, with the long pale blonde hair and violet-sapphire like eyes that clearly, though delicately show the blood of the old country, still course thru her veins. The main characteristic of Lady Celtigar is of radiant beauty. In fact, the look of Cerenna, is of extraordinarily attractive and gracefulness. Even her skin it self was like the velveteen of a flowers gentle petals, flawless, pale, and perfect. She could be best described much like her name sake (Cerenna Vallaria Celtigar), the Convallaria. A strikingly beautiful, though incredibly rare plant. Its flowers appearing gentle, graceful, heavenly even, in contrast they are also one of the most potently poisonous plants that grow in the region.