Brynden was born in 576 AC to Lord Anders Blackwood and Lady Lyra Blackwood nee Mallister. As the oldest son and heir of the Lord of the Blackwood, he was trained from an early age in writing, reading, hunting, and swordplay. Until he was nearing twelve, he preferred the sword training. However, after losing many duels to his younger brother, Brynden began to double down on his scholarly studies.

He spent many days reading the scrolls and books from Raventree Hall’s modest library. While there, he stumbled across an account of his ancestor and namesake, the great Targaryen bastard Bryden “Bloodraven” Rivers. Quickly, this legendary sorceror became his personal hero. The wild life of Bloodraven led Brynden to pursue the higher mysteries. He was toying with the idea of enlisting at the Citadel, but the sudden death of his father led him to reconsidering and accepting the title and lands of Lord Blackwood.

Joining him in his training was Dareon Hightower, the young heir of Oldtown. He had been sent to ward under his father, Lord Anders, and soon became quite close with Brynden. In a sign of friendship between the two old houses, Lord Anders sent his younger son Edrik to ward with the Lord Hightower. Upon his father's death, Bryden continue to ward young Dareon until his coming of age and return to Oldtown. Despite the distance between them, the two remained close friends.

A lord of only sixteen, Brynden began his rule by travelling to Southstone to meet with the Lord Bracken. A fortnight of feasts and hunts ended with a grand announcement of peace and cooperation. A great bridge, to be financed equally by both sides, would be constructed between their lands, a symbol of lasting peace.

The great diplomatic victory soon reached the ears of his liege lord, Lord Paramount Peytr Tully, who summoned him to Riverrun to serve as his castellan and advisor. With Raventree Hall being only a day's ride from Riverrun, Lord Brynden was not only able to serve his liege as his most trusted diplomat, but also able to rule his lands from his ancestral home. Lord Brynden's work and leadership in Riverrun allowed him to meet and make a lasting impression on the many River lords, infamous for being a tempestuous bunch.

At Raventree and throughout the Blackwood lands, a great mission of weirwood replanting was undertaken. While the great heart tree at Raventree remained bare and petrified, many new sapplings were grown in the godswood. This soon became his favorite place to read and during warm days, he would hold court in the godswood.

He remained unwed for four years, leading to the commoners claiming he preferred the touch of parchment over that of a woman. The rumors ended when he wed Valla Royce, the eldest daughter of the Lord Royce of Runestone. She soon bore him three children, a daughter first and two sons following.

There are many commoners who believe him able to skinchange into ravens as his hero Bloodraven was wont to do. This is unfounded, however, as Lord Brynden does not possess this ability. He does know the most about the life of Brynden Rivers, and perhaps knows some of the truths Bloodraven unravelled.

He is known popularly as "Brightraven".


Brynden is a tall, lanky man standing at just under six feet, He has short-cropped dark brown hair, bordering on black. His eyes, however, betray his mystical aspirations, being bright blue, piercing yet friendly.


Brynden Blackwood, 28, Lord of Blackwood

Valla Blackwood nee Royce, 24 Lady of Blackwood

Kellan Blackwood, 7, son and heir of Blackwood

Anders Blackwood, 5, son

Brienne Blackwood, 9, daughter

Anders Blackwood, father, deceased

Lyra Blackwood nee Mallister, 50, mother

Kira Blackwood, 20, sister, unwed

Ser Edrik Blackwood, 25, brother, wed to Alyssane Hightower

Lord Dareon Hightower, 26, friend and Edrik's brother-in-law, Lord of Oldtown

Lord Talyn Royce, 40, father-in-law, Lord of Runestone