Bryen Lothston is the only son of Ethan and Jeyne Lothston. He is the currently high-lord of Harrenhal.


Bryen Lothston, the current Lord of Harrenhal

Appearance Edit

Bryen is a fat man who wears lots of jewelry and perfume in an attempt to protect himself from the curse of Harrenhal. He stands 5"9, has dark blue eyes, a long brown curled beard and short bleach blond hair.

Personality Edit

Bryen is terrified of the curse of Harrenhal, and has tried his whole life to avoid and protect himself from it. Bryen had 4 sons with his wife Emilie, except they all died stillborn or in an accident. As a result of not being able to produce any heirs, Bryen tossed his wife from the tallest tower in Harrenhal when he was drunk. He recently married a new wife, a young Bravo who Bryen is certain will provide him with healthy heirs.

Bryen is a drunkard and a hedonist and a bit of a lunatic who spends most of his time in Harrenhal drinking, sleeping, eating and whoring. He doesn't have many friends, other than his castellan Marec, who often rules and conducts diplomacy in Bryen's stead. As a result of murdering his first wife, Bryen has gained disfavor with most of the Riverlords, who want nothing to do with Bryen, despite Harrenhal being one of the larger Lordships in the Riverlands.

Bryen has fathered many bastards, however only two of them are fostered in Harrenhal, Tomas and Lysa. Bryen does maintain a bit of a relationship with these children, only because he fears he may die without and trueborns, so the bastards may be necessary to continue the dynasty.

History Edit

A Song Begins 604AC: Edit

Bryen does not attend the coronation and King's Landing nor the funeral for Lord Tully. His bastard daughter Lysa is killed in a freak accident, which Bryen believes was caused by the Ghosts of Harrenhal. Bryen's wife Tansa becomes pregnant with their first child.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Ethan Lothston (44) - Father (Deceased)
  • Jeyne Lothston (38) - Mother (Deceased)
  • Emilie Lothston - (33) - First Wife (Deceased)
  • Jon Lothston - Son (1) (Deceased - Died of illness)
  • Aegon Lothston - Son (0) (Deceased - Died stillborn)
  • Jason Lothston - Son (3) (Deceased - Died in an accident)
  • Daemon Lothston - Son (0) (Deceased - Died stillborn)
  • Tansa of Bravos - (19) - Second Wife - Currently pregnant

Known Bastards Edit

  • Tomas Rivers - Bastard Son (14) - Currently in Harrenhal
  • Tywin Rivers - Bastard Son (11) - Somewhere in the Riverlands
  • Lysa Rivers - Bastard Daughter (10) - (Deceased - Died in an accident)
  • Ellie Rivers - Bastard Daughter (8) - Location Unknown
  • Andrew Rivers - Bastard Son (5) - Currently in Riverrun
  • Edric Rivers - Bastard Son (3) (Deceased - Died of infection)

Household Edit

  • Castellan: Marec Whent (43)
  • Master at Arms: Edmund Rivers (36)
  • Maester: Maester Edwyn (22)
  • Master of Coin: Tommen Hasty (64)
  • Steward: Hoster (28)