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Brandon Stark of Winterfell (17)

Brandon Stark Edit

Prince Brandon Stark is the second son of Lord Rodwell Stark and Anya Stark, he is the younger brother to Walton Stark, and older brother to Alyce Stark and Bethany Stark and he is the current heir to Winterfell until his brother Walton produces and heir.

History Edit

Brandon was born to Rodwell Stark and Anya Stark in 587AC has an older brother, Walton, and two younger sisters, Alyce and Bethany. Brandon spent that majority of his life in Winterfell other than a brief period where he squired for Kresten Umber of the Last Hearth. With his free time Brandon often spends time training in the yard or reading about the past history of the Stark lords and kings. Brandon idolizes the Stark kings such as the Young Wolf and attempts to learn their unpredictable and unorthodox military strategies. Brandon wants to be a leader and be written in history just like the way of some of his Stark heroes. As a result of this devout pride in his Stark ancestors, Brandon is cautious of other houses who have opposed the Starks in the past, such as the Boltons but he does well to hid his distaste.

Brandon shares a close relationship with his family and would place their needs ahead of his own. Brandon and Walton have been companions since they were young and share a close bond and are best friends. However due to being the second son of Rodwell Stark, Brandon does feel a twinge of jealousy of Walton as he is his father's heir and Brandon feels that Rodwell sometimes favors Walton over Brandon and his sisters. Brandon is protective of his sisters but wants the best for them and for them to be happy. Brandon and Rodwell are close but start to grow more distant as Walton and Brandon age, and Rodwell spends more time with Walton. Brandon and Rodwell however do have a strong love for each other and even though there is slight contention between the two, they are more alike than they think. Like the rest of his family, Brandon is a firm believer in the Old Gods and pays his time in the godswoods.

Brandon squired for Lord Kresten Umber from the time when he was 14 until he turned 15, the wardship ended after the death of Kresten caused due to a hunting accident. Brandon and the Umbers had gone to bear island to hunt a great bear. Lord Kresten was the first to approach the bear but was greviously injured. Brandon still remembers in awe that after Kresten was struck by the bear his arm was hanging on by a thread, yet Kresten still slew the beast.

A Song Begins Edit

Brandon attends the marriage of his sister, Alyce Stark to the heir of the Dreadfort and Brandon's new brother in law, Devan Bolton. Brandon is late to the ceremony and injuries his wrist sparring in the training grounds at King's Landing. During the cceremony Rodwell Stark is upset with Brandon's tardiness and Brandon reveals distaste over the match that his father made for his sister. They are interrupted by a drunk Qhorin Umber who also reveals distaste in the match. Brandon brings Qhorin to Rodwell's chambers the next morning, so Qhorin can explain what happend. However during the meeting Rodwell get angry at Brandon and Qhorin and throws a chair at the wall. Brandon gets upset and argues with his father, accusing him of not spending enough time with his family, other than Walton. After his temper gets the best of him, Brandon leaves in a fury at his father.

A few days later is the coronation of King Lucerys. Brandon jests with Qhorin Umber, Gared Mormont and Rickard Snow. Brandon apologizes to his father for the incident and they start to get along at the feast. Brandon discusses his plan to not immediately return to Winterfell and instead remain in the south with his father, which visibly disappoints Rodwell. However before they are able to finish discussing their plans and make up for their argument, Rodwell and Anya are poisoned during the feast.

After the death of his Father and Mother, Brandon is whisked away by Cedrik Bolton alongside the rest of their families onto a ship to return North. While sailing north, Brandon plots for war and vengeance for his murdered family.

Upon returning to Winterfell, Brandon calms down about wanting to call the banners, and instead argues for patience until they know who killed Rodwell and Anya. Since returning to Winterfell Brandon is very distant from the rest of his siblings and his household. It is not until he meets Kira Blackwood that he starts to light up again. He finds Kira in the Winterfell godswood and becomes immediately smitten with her. They are quickly betrothed and to be wed at the same time as Walton and Anarya Harlaw.

Brandon was at the meeting between Walton Stark and Rhaegar Storm, the envoy for the King. At the meeting Brandon and Walton get in an argument, souring their relationship.

Brandon and his newlywed, Kira Blackwood, are sent South with Aria Karstark to secure either the support of the Riverlands, and their cousin, Ronnel Arryn of the Vale.

Appearance and Character Edit

Brandon Stark stands 6'1, has dark grey eyes, long messy brown hair and shares the traditional Stark features of a long face and lean build with his ancestors. Brandon is quite good looking and often lets his hair and stubble grow free giving him a relaxed look but often times making him appear older than his 17 years. Brandon has a much more serious look than that of his other siblings and mostly resembles his father.

Brandon oft wears a jacket of wolf wool over a darkened leather jerkin and accompanied with the sigil of house Stark. When he is out in the yard training he wears a blackened mail and prefers the short sword as it gives him the mobility and speed which he desires.

Brandon is a very ambitious and has a strong desire to prove himself to his father and the rest of his family. He is strong-willed and goodhearted but does have an angrier, darker side to him, which he acknowledges and contributes to wolf-blood, which he believes he inherited from his ancestors. Brandon can often become frustrated if he feels that people do not appreciate him or believe in his abilities and due to his ambitious nature Brandon is his own worst critic when he fails. Brandon acts and looks a lot more serious than the rest of his Stark family. After the deaths of his mother and father, Brandon becomes much more interested in helping the weak, and becomes much more protective of the things he cares about.

Brandon enjoys educating himself on both the martial and scholar front. He enjoys training extensively in the yard and also enjoys reading about the history of the Starks and Westoros. He fantasied about being a famed battle commander.

Family Edit

Rodwell Stark Edit

Brandon and Rodwell had a close relationship that became distant as Brandon and Walton aged. Brandon felt some resentment to his father because he felt that Rodwell neglected the rest of his children for Walton. Brandon and Rodwell begin to repair their relationship, but before they could fully make amends, Rodwell is murdered.

Walton Stark Edit

Walton has a close but competitive relationship with his brother. Walton and Brandon enjoy doing a variety of activities together, and miss each-other when the other is gone. When their father is murdered, Brandon implores Walton to go to war against the crown. Upon returning to Winterfell Brandon and Walton become closer than ever with their shared desire to seek vengance for their murdered parents. After Walton becomes lord of Winterfell, Brandon feels as if he has changed and not necessarily for the better.

Alyce Stark Edit

Brandon is very protective of Alyce, but struggles when she is married to Devan Bolton.

Qhorin Umber Edit

Brandon is familiar with Qhorin as he squired for his father, lord Kresten in his youth. They both share a desire to see glory showered over house Stark and both idolize the Young Wolf, Robb Stark.

Cedrik Bolton Edit

Brandon is friendly with Walton, particularly because Rodwell and Cedrik were close friends and Cedrik rescued the Stark family from King's Landing.

Kira Blackwood Edit

Brandon becomes smitten with Kira the moment he find her in the Winterfell Godswood. They are quickly betrothed right after and to be wed at the same time as Walton and Anarya